N7 liquid is a liquid soil fertilizer made from pure sapropel (fully decomposed organic matter) extract. A highly efficient natural-organic fertilizer, soil enhancer. N7 has a total Nitrogen of 7% of which 4% is organic Nitrate (NO3). N7 can  be applied on all soils types and is suitable for foliar application. It is highly biologically active, well balanced and has high levels of humic and fulvic acids. In addition it contains amino acids, vitamins, macro and micro elements.

N7 Liquid specs sheet


  • N7 has a 7% organic nitrogen of which 3% is organic NO3
  • Stimulates immediate plant growth
  • Due to sapropel N7 has an extensive complex of plant available nutrients
  • It stimulates micro biological activity which enhances soil fertility
  • Reduces soil salination and reduces the amount of irrigation water
  • It raises plant natural resistance to disease
  • It doesn’t have any odor and is non-toxic
  • It contains Zero nematodes
  • It has no shelf life.

N7 is recommended for use on:

  • N7 is recommended for the use of increasing crop yields
  • N7 increases short and long term fertility
  • It enriches sandy soil and sandy clay soil with minimum content of Organic matter
  • It retains water and nutrients


For crop/plants supplementary feeding: when irrigating 6 to 8 liters per m2, dilute concentrated N7 in the ratio of 1:200 with fresh irrigating water.  Apply the irrigation solution directly on the soil once every 15 — 21 days.