Research and Development. The majority of our research projects starts with new or existing customers having a question or idea! This leads to creating solutions.

Product development. Questions can lead to sourcing new ingredients, new product formulations, testing of blends, chemical and microbial analysis, stability tests, packaging development…..

Bacterial fungicide and pesticides, every problem has a solution. Solutions are often taylor made. We pride our selves in having a hands on approach.  We analyse and test microbial solutions in house.

Sourcing and testing. Our Pure Green Agri team is internationally located in the USA (east and west coast) in Lithuania as well as in The Netherlands. Working internationally is a normal days work for us. After internal tests and analysis…… the ultimate test is a field trial.

Field trials are the proof of the pudding! Here is where quality, effectivity and efficiency can be measured. Our experience ranges from Europe to South America. Trial set up (both open air and glass house), execution and analysis are often part of finding solutions.

New technologies, for the production of fertilizers are the future. Changing agriculture and horticulture to a sustainable and organic model is our challenge. We, everybody at Pure Green Agri are confident that sustainable, organic agriculture and horticulture is the new norm, the new normal. Pure Green Agriculture Inc. actively invests in research, innovation and production of new sustainable, organic agricultural products.

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