The basic principle of Pure Green Agri products: increasing soil fertility by increasing micro biological activity and diversity. We do this by giving the microorganisms all nutrients they need to multiply and diversify in soils and on plants. Decomposition of organic matter creates this environment for microorganisms. Pure Green Agri products use a fully decomposed organic matter called sapropel. This compound instantly provides essential nutrient availability for microorganisms and plants. Abundant and diverse micro biologic activity gives the soil the ability to release plant nutrients and improves fertility.

“Organic certified”. Everything we do complies strictly with sustainable and organic principles. Pure Green Agriculture products comply with the USDA US standards. Around the world additional certification might be required by local authorities. In these cases our Pure Green Agri team works  with you to certify and comply with local rules and regulations regarding organic certification.

Examples of organizations we work with are:

and many more….

The production process. It all starts with mining the best decomposed matter. This done by drilling a pipe (much like drilling for mineral oil) into the soil that has these ideal compounds. At the end of these pipe there is a mechanical cutter which extracts the compounds we look for. These compounds are than transported through the pipe using a vacuum pump. This crude compound is than further processed reducing its particles sizes to under 70 micron. For cosmetic applications under 7 micron. Reducing particle size makes the product usable for drop irrigation systems. The main reason for particle reduction is increasing the surface area of the active ingredients. This results in an final product that is more biologically active.

Ingredients. Pure Green Agri products combines slow release with fast release ingredients. This combination results in a short and long term effect. Instant acceleration of growth and flowering and long term fertility improvement. In order to adapt Pure Green Agri products to certain plants/crops its formulations are composed for the intended effects.  All ingredients are organic certified and preferably from an organic sustainable source. Some examples of compounds we use are:

  • Humic and Fulvic acids concentrates
  • Organic certified sources of Nitrogen
  • Organic certified sources of Phosphates
  • Organic certified sources of Potassium

Bacterial pesticides and fungicides use characteristics of specific bacterial strains to combat pests and unwanted fungi. In cooperation with our  Dutch research and technology partners Pure Green Agri’s wide range of liquid and powder products can be used and applied for combating a wide range of pests and fungi. In addition bacterial products can be used to enhance plant and soil resistance as well as bind and release certain nutrients like nitrogen and Phosphate.

Packaging. We Pure Green Agriculture Inc. pledge that we will reduce or eliminate non reusable, renewable, non sustainable and non organic packaging where possible. Our company strives for reusable, renewable, sustainable and organic agriculture and minimizing the waste footprint of Pure Green Agri products as much as we can.

Please follow us on FaceBook or Twitter. Our new retail products will come in a fully compostable outer shell with a recyclable inner bottle part.

The dry product line will be packed in recycled paper cartons. We would love you feedback on the design as well as the product look and feel.

For bulk products and large volume packaging we pledge to use reused packaging where we can and ensure appropriate disposal of the waste if we can’t avoid its disposal.